Zenfuse Bridge

We created the Zenfuse Bridge so you can easily transfer your assets from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and vice versa. We're all for increased interoperability between different blockchains.


Connect MetaMask

Ethereum Network


Binance Smart Chain








How to cross

your ZEFU tokens?

  1. Please make sure that you've added the Binance Smart Chain to your networks in MetaMask. You can find all the detailed instructions on how to do it in the Binance Academy.
  2. Please select the network from which you want to transfer your assets. You can do it in the networks dropdown in your MetaMask browser plugin.
  3. Click the connect MetaMask button to connect your account to the Zenfuse Bridge.
  4. Enter the amount that you would like to cross and click the cross button. Then confirm the contract interaction in the MetaMask window and wait for it to be completed.
  5. Open your MetaMask and switch to the receiving network.
  6. Click the claim button and wait for the contract interaction to be completed.

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